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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, world is more beautiful with you, love
Whether you have plans for a hot date, a fun night out with friends or just a calm evening at home I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day!  I'm not big on the Holiday, but I do think it's pretty amazing to have a day centered around showing other people how much you love them.  I've put together a few outfit ideas for you guys that don't scream the obvious "Valentine's Day" theme (queue the heart shirt you wore in 5th grade).


Jacket, Pink Jacket, bomber jacket, denim, jeans, holy jeans
Houston Bomber Jacket
LES Jeans
jacket, bomber jacket, black jacket, bomber jacket with patches, denim, jeans, holy jeans
Bleeker Bomber Jacket
Rivington Tank & LES Jeans


dress, grey dress, casual dress
Soho Dress
dress, Burgundy dress, Turtle Neck Dress
Tribeca Dress
Make your Valentine's Day perfect with one of these awesome looks!  All available in the Shop tab.  Also, if the thought of your significant other getting you yet another gift that you know you'll return makes you wildly uncomfortable... Do you both a favor and go ahead and mention one of our gift cards.  


Kaitlyn Athena  




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  • Cassandra Mears on

    Love this so much! Sidewalk inspirations make the LES, as well as your line <3

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